Year of 2023

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2023 Membership Drive

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2023 Boati Gras

The Fairfield Bay Yacht Club held their yearly Scavenger Hunt on Greers Ferry Lake.  Fifty items were on the list.  No Eagle was spotted along with a few other items not found.  Everyone came back for pork sandwiches provided by the Club.  Wonderful food items brought by members.  Beautiful day on Greers Ferry Lake. 


Mark your calendars:  Saturday, June 3, 2023 (3-6 pm) will be the next event.  Reserving the Veterans Barge for all members to go out together.  Wear your suits, bring a dish to pass, and BYOB.  Hot Dogs will be provided by the Club.  Not to late to join:

June 3rd was our second scheduled Tie-up however our first Tie-up was cancelled because of a storm. Last year after the barge event our members asked for a second barge event with more time and the Officers worked it in for this year. 


We hope you had an incredible time at the FBYC 2023 Poker Run on Greers Ferry Lake! It was a day filled with excitement, competition, and unforgettable moments. We would like to congratulate our three winners:  Derick Reese, Vinny Vickers and Shawn Brown

Your impressive skills and determination have earned you well-deserved recognition. We appreciate your dedication to making this event a memorable success.

The picturesque lake provided the perfect backdrop for this thrilling adventure, despite the scorching heat. Your enthusiasm and passion for water sports truly made it a day to remember. 

Thank you once again for being part of this exciting event. Stay tuned for more thrilling activities coming your way! 


Derick Reese


Vinny Vickers


Shawn Brown

Tie-up time! We just had a blast at Sugarloaf Marina cove, where the sun, water, and good company came together for an epic day on the waves. With 7 boats, 16 members and 5 awesome guests onboard, we made memories! We splashed around in the water, soaked up the sun, and when our stomachs started growling, we headed back to our marina for some delicious eats. But hey, things got a little wild when the wind decided to join the party and sent us soaring! We may have had a breezy ending, but it was all part of the adventure. Can't wait for our next tie-up and more unforgettable moments on the water! 

2023 08/19 2nd Barge
2023 LUAU
2023 CleanUp
2023 Partial Solar Eclipse
2023 Martini

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2023 end of year
2023 Christmas Dinner Party