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MARCH 2024

Fairfield Bay Yacht Club Newsletter

Dear esteemed Yacht Club members,

We hope this message finds you in high spirits and good health. As we commence the exciting journey of 2024, we are delighted to announce as of MARCH 16, Our membership drive and memorial for Richard that our Yacht Club family has grown to include 90 esteemed members.

We would also like to remind you that our exclusive Burgees, a symbol of pride and camaraderie, are available for purchase at a modest price of $31 each. Kindly reach out to our Commodore, Kenton @ 316-303-2930 or Treasurer, Ceresa @ 306-303-5535 for further details on how to acquire yours.

Furthermore, let us take this opportunity to extend warm birthday wishes to our fellow members who are celebrating their special day. May your year ahead be filled with unforgettable sailing adventures and cherished memories.

Sun Zielinski on the 5th,

Michael McBride & Richard Ospina on the 12th,

Kim Feuer & Don Hempstead on the 14th,

Philip Dwornik & Tom Tangen on the 20th,

Deb Galligan on the 27th,

Please inform Melissa of your birthdate so she will have yours on the birthday wish board.

Thank you for being an integral part of our Yacht Club community. We look forward to navigating the sparkling waters together in this new year.